Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill are quite a dynamic duo.

In The Man From U.N.C.L.E., based on the 1964 MGM television series of the same name, an American spy named Napoleon Solo (Cavill) reluctantly teams up with Russian KGB agent Illya Kuryakin (Hammer) in order to stop an international criminal organization from creating a global catastrophe. In real life, the actors were just as eager to work with one another as they were with director Guy Ritchie.

"The great dynamic that Guy creates on set, and I think he maybe even sometimes picked his actors for, is their ability to get on and create and enjoyable environment to work in," Cavill, 32, told E! News at a press junket in London Tuesday. Hammer, 28, added that the famous filmmaker wanted to ensure that his actors are able "to get along with anybody." In fact, he explained, "He doesn't want to hire anybody who's going to show up on set and make it difficult at all, because it's his crew. It's his people. He knows everybody who worked on the movie. They've all worked on another movie of his—literally, every single person—so he doesn't want to bring in a new sort of monkey wrench. You know? He wants everybody to sort of fall [in line] and fit in, and to his credit, he did great casting. Everybody got along really well."

Friendly as Ritchie is, he's still in charge.

So after Hammer packed on a few pounds after he admittedly ate too many "delicious" Scotch eggs while filming in the fall of 2013, Ritchie had to pull him aside to remind him that he needs to look in shape onscreen. "He's the boss," the actor said. "You gotta do what Guy says, especially when you're getting a little fat."

Luckily, the star's weight doesn't appaer to fluctuate in the film. "That's the way they shoot a movie. They shoot a little here, a little here—it all kind of gets blended together," said Hammer, who opened BIRD bakery with his wife in San Antonio, Texas, in 2012. "If we shot it chronologically, you'd be pretty surprised, I'd bet."

To see more from the interview, watch the video below.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is in theaters Aug. 14.

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