Even as cheaters everywhere continue to deal with the news that hackers have infiltrated the popular affair site Ashley Madison and are threatening to expose their accounts, the site might be getting two new members.

The hacking was a topic of conversation this morning on Live With Kelly and Michael, when Michael Strahan asked what Kelly Ripa would do if she found out if her hubby, Mark Consuelos, was on the site. 

"So, question: What if your wife finds out that you're on Ashley Madison? But then you find out she's on it too?" Michael asked. "Are you asking me, or are you asking…who are you asking?" replied Kelly. "I don't know, whoever will answer," he responded. "If I found out Mark was on Ashley Madison?" said Kelly. "But then he found out you were on Ashley Madison," chirped Michael. "Oh, oh please," she replied. 

And from there it got weird.

"Hypothetically, I mean that would be incredible. That would be an amazing…that would be the most amazing dinner conversation ever," Kelly said. "It's that piña colada song, only… it's the piña colada song. I'm sorry it is! 

"But how about you're on Ashley Madison and you think you're going for an elicit tryst," Michael said. "And your husband shows up?" replied Kelly. "And you get there and it's your husband," said Michael.

Kelly replied, "It's 'The Piña Colada Song.' That's what the entire 'Piña Colada Song' is about. He places the ad in the paper 'If you like piña coladas' and then he's responding and then the woman goes ‘Yes, I like piña colada.'"

"I really thought it was about a piña colada," said Michael.

After talking about piña coladas for a bit, Kelly then made an open plea to her sexy husband to join the site with her. 

"I hope we both are on Ashley Madison. I hope so," she said. "I hope we get partnered up, that would be amazing. That would be incredible. I'm joining today. I'm joining today. Babe, if you're watching this, and I know you're not, but if you are...if somebody is near Mark at the gym, join Ashley Madison. I'm going to do it today. We're going to join today and we're going to be partnered up with each other. It's going to be hot."

To which Michael responded in the best way possible. 

"I'll tell you what, I'm just tripping that that song is not about the drink," he said.

So are we Michael, so are we. 

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