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Stephen Colbert is really gearing up for his big premiere as host of The Late Show. The first episode premieres on September 8th, so until then he's giving the preparation everything he's got. First up on the to-do list is to get to know the fans. He's not just the kooky comedian with a fake news show anymore, he's the kooky host of a very serious and very real talk show now. So how is he going to prove that to his new audience? By hosting a week-long luncheon, of course.

His new web series is just that: a deskside lunch chat. And it's oh-so-eloquently named "Stephen Colbert Has Stephen Colbert's Daily Lunch With You Starring Stephen Colbert." 

It's a totally genius idea, because as the host points out in the introduction, these days most people eat their lunch alone at their desks, watching online videos just like this. He's got a point! (After all, we stumbled on this series while we were eating our lunch alone at our desk.)

The resulting fake chat is, as one can imagine, completely hilarious and also completely Stephen Colbert-esque. In the first installment, Colbert is trying to drop a few pounds before the big premiere, so he sticks to only foods with small-sounding names. You know, like Little Caesers Pizza or Thin Mints. That's our kind of portion control. He also shares the to-tal-ly adorable note he included (for himself) in his lunch. Oh, and he confides to the audience that he found a big bag of money on the subway and decided to keep it instead of going to the police. Mondays, amirite

In the second installment, Stephen makes sure to eat local—as in a Snickers bar from the vending machine down the hall. And also there's a problem with that bag of cash he found on the subway, and you're gonna want to hear it. But that's why we come to Stephen Colbert: He always keeps it exciting!

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