The Bachelorette, Men Tell All


You thought last night was dramatic?  

"I knew this night would be a wild one," Chris Harrison said early on during last night's Men Tell All episode of The Bachelorette

Which is true, and just like its female counterpart when a Bachelor is doing the picking, the Men Tell All special did not disappoint when it came to drama. (Think Tanner calling Ian an a--hole, Ian getting down on one knee to apologize to all the guys, Chris making fun of Jared's spotty beard.)

To name a few moments.

Yet somehow there were even more juicy moments that you didn't see, and luckily we had our eyes and ears in the studio to catch every last bit of the amazingness that went down. 

Here are eight things you didn't see last night on TV:

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1. Even though it looked like there was tension and awkwardness onscreen between all the guys, they were really cordial and nice to each other when they came out to take their seats on stage. Many of the guys were slapping high fives and saying they hadn't seen each other in a while. (Sorry to disappoint.)

The Bachelorette, Men Tell All


2. After playing clips of Ian's insane exit where he said all the guys loved making fart jokes (and after Tanner told him, "I think Princeton needs to teach a class in not being an a--hole"), Tanner walked over and asked Ian to pull his finger, which gave Ian a good chuckle. 

3. When all the guys were piling on Clint for being so distant in the house, Chris "Cupcake" said that during Clint's last night in the house, Clint teased him by saying he was going to be the one eliminated that night because he wasn't wearing a belt. (Really, Cupcake, a belt?)

4. After Kupah asked JJ why he threw Clint under the bus when he was eliminated, JJ apologized to Clint and the boys actually stood up and shook hands and said everything was OK—which means the bromance is officially back on!

5. Hello, Bueller! Wonder why we never heard from Joshua? The one time he was called upon to talk, he was totally zoned out. During the group conversation about JJ and Clint, Chris Harrison called Joshua's name to get him involved in the discussion and it took him a moment to respond and figure out what everyone was talking about. 

6. It was really hot in the studio, which made a few of the guys a bit sweaty. Ben Z and Jonathan were having major issues keeping the sweat off their foreheads (which we are totally fine with since they are both so hot) and Chris Harrison even said to producers he was having issues with the temperature in the room.

7. Regarding Nick joining the show, Kaitlyn said she felt Nick "got a bad edit" during Andi Dorfmann's season and that he gave her pointers and advice on how to handle being one of two Bachelorettes during the time they were messaging each other before the show. 

8. Joshua (finally speaking!) told Kaitlyn that she owed him $30 to fix his hair after that epic bad haircut date, which Kaitlyn thought was really funny.

The Bachelorette finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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