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With 2-year-old Riley Curry already holding court, how can there possibly be room for more cuteness in Stephen Curry's family?

So, Fox Sports' Katie Nolan decided to get to the bottom of what the new Curry on the block will bring to the table. Nolan interviewed Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr about his star player's newborn daughter, Ryan Curry.

The hilarious scouting report was posted to YouTube, in which Nolan asks Kerr, "Ryan Curry, what can we expect from her?"

Kerr says, "She's what, 6 days old?" When Nolan confirms, Kerr continues, "She'll be quick, good shooting touch, excellent at press conferences. I'm interested to see if she overshadows her older sister at next year's press conferences, or if her sister shoves her off the stage and demands the spotlight."

Riley Curry steals the spotlight

Riley Curry Instagram


Kerr really is thorough, adding, "I'm thinking of major competitive desire coming from Ryan down the road, because the older sister thing. She's going to be beaten up a little up."

Nolan then adds a hard-hitting question: "So, do you see Ryan bringing anything to the table that Ryan doesn't?"

Kerr jokes, "Like a pacifier, maybe?"

So, is Ryan Curry a trade option, considering she's not pulling much weight?

"I would [be open to a trade], you know, anything that makes the team better I'm all for," Kerr says. "Frankly I haven't made much of an emotional connection with her at this point because, well, I haven't even met her."

Who else thinks all celebrity-sibling relationships should be subjected to this sort of in-depth analysis? Now that would be slam-dunk programming.

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