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Tell us how you really feel!

Never one to hold back, Lee Daniels is dropping some serious F-bombs after his hit series Empire failed to snag an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series on Thursday, with only leading lady Taraji P. Henson finding herself on the ballot in any of the major categories.

In a video posted on Instagram, Daniels first asks star Jussie Smollett what people really want to see, before saying, "Jussie says I have to be politically correct on Instagram." 

As the duo are laughing, Smollett says, "You have to be nice!" Daniel's version of being nice? "F--k these motherf--kers!"

And Daniels' choice of hashtags to go along with the video are just as entertaining: #canfinallypostthis, #timetoberealagain and #emmyniceguyotherwith.

But Daniels did have a little Emmy nice guy left in him; earlier in the day, Daniels posted videos congratulating Henson, as well as costume designer Paolo Nieddu for their respective nominations.

"Taraji, woo woo, baby," Daniels said in his message for Henson. "That's what I'm talking about! Congratulations. Now bring that mother home for big daddy. Bring it home! I love you." 

After her nomination, Henson took to Twitter to thank her fans, writing, "Thank you ALL for the nomination love!!!!! Your love and support mean so much to me!!!" 

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