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Diplo is a guy you want on your side. Just ask Madonna

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the DJ-producer, who worked with the Queen of Pop on her new record, explained how living in a time where everyone is keeping up with the Kardashians, some seem to want the Material Girl to fail. 

"She created the world we live in. It already sucks to be a woman in the music industry, but to be a boss woman is even harder," Diplo says.

"She sold out her tour in minutes, but no one seems to want her to succeed—'Madonna, we've been there, done that, now we're about Kim Kardashian.' Her song 'Ghosttown' was a guaranteed Number One for anybody else, but she didn't get a fair shot. With 'Bitch I'm Madonna,' everyone said there's no way it will go anywhere, but I'm like, 'Screw it, it represents you more than anything,'" he continued.

Justin Bieber, Diplo

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Madonna isn't the only pop sensation he is defending.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last month, you are aware that Justin Bieber teamed up with Diplo and Skrillex on the hit song "Where Are You Now."

When asked if Bieber was 'officially cool now" after the collab, the outspoken DJ had nothing but praise for the pop star. 

"He'd been stuck in a rut where he has to do a certain thing because of his fan base. Guy from Disclosure texted me, 'Yo, man, that Bieber record is amazing,' and I'm like, 'Man, you would've never written that a year ago,' and he's like, 'I know, this is very difficult for me to text right now,'" Diplo told the mag.

He went on to praise the "Never Say Never" singer by stating, "Bieber's personal life is whatever it is—he's a rich kid and he's pretty much gonna have to be a jerk. But he's respectful to me, and he has that weird gene where he's good at everything: better at basketball than me, better at drums. For us it's more like an art project where you utilize his voice."

Diplo, Taylor Swift, Instagram


Diplo set the record straight about his feud with Taylor Swift and how the most surprising thing that came out of it was how other artists (especially Swift's famous friends) know who he is. 

"We squashed it! I saw her at the Grammys and she was supernice and cool. Her fans loved the beef, though. That's all they have—they don't have, like, real things going on. It's still startling when these artists pay attention to my Twitter. Like, Ed Sheeran unfollowed me when I said something about Taylor—I can't believe these people even know who I am," he said.

Diplo confessed that his social media persona is not an accurate of representation of who he really is. 

"If I have a fight with somebody, it makes me look like a prick, but it makes the social-media numbers explode. It's the Kanye West theory: In 2015, become a prick and just get more popular. I don't want to be thought of like that, but also I just don't really care. I'm doing jokes and people take it seriously, like that's the person I am," he explained.

Well, if there is one thing we have learned it's that we wouldn't mind being part of Diplo's squad.

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