We sincerely hope that you guys remember or at least heard of MTV's classic show MTV Cribs where celebrities and "celebrities" would take viewers on a tour of their giant mansions. If you have never seen an episode, go on YouTube and we'll see you in about a week.

New dad Bryan Cantella clearly was a fan of the iconic series because he has posted a video of his own MTV Cribs-esque show, except this time there is an actual crib involved. He's giving the cameras a tour of his baby girl's nursery, and it has everything you could ever want from a Cribs episode: that vague, kind of hip soundtrack that sort of sounds like a Diddy song, the sped-up visual effect and the over-explaining of basic household items. It's so scarily accurate that we hope this gets turned into some kind of HGTV series.

We'd watch the s--t out of that show. 

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