Pretty Little Liars, No Stone Unturned


Rule number one of being a Pretty Little Liars fan: Don't. Trust. Anyone. 

Rule number two of being a Pretty LIttle Liars fan: Pay really close attention because this show is complicated AF. 

We're almost halfway through season six, and with tonight's episode, just a few more puzzle pieces at least got a little closer to fitting into the puzzle of who on earth is actually A and how on earth have they been doing all of this this whole time. 

The liars currently seem to believe Lesli is the one behind A, since they also believe that Charles is dead and therefore not A.

One thing that the girls just couldn't get over was how A always seemed to know exactly where to leave the next message for each of them to see. That little mystery was explained tonight when the girls discovered—thanks to a machine in Lesli's college science lab—that they have microchips in the back of their necks, allowing A to track all of their movements, because things weren't creepy enough already. 

The girls automatically assumed Lesli was still behind this until Mona appeared all creepy-like to reveal the truth: Lesli hated Bethany and had only heard Charles' name once—when he and Bethany both chose the same night to escape from Radley. 


Pretty Little Liars, No Stone Unturned


Apparently, Lesli just wants people to think she's stable, which, you know, who wouldn't? She's got no reason to dress up as Charles to get revenge for Bethany, meaning she's probably not A. 

Spencer tried to prove that Charles was already dead when Bethany escaped from Radley (and Allison disappeared/died) by showing Mona his organ donation forms, but apparently the medications he had been taking would have made his organs pretty unappealing. The forms were faked, meaning Charles could still be alive, and still be acting as A. 

Mr. DiLaurentiis is clearly also on the hunt for Charles. He spent the episode contacting doctors for info on his son, with no luck, before just taking matters into his own hand and deciding to start digging up graves (with A watching). Why? Because of the creepiest letter any dad could get from his now-grown, thought-to-be-dead son: 

"Dear Daddy, Coming home for my birthday. You should plan a party to die for. Just you. Love, Charles." 

Aww. That's so fun and not scary at all! 

Meanwhile, Sara's still taking over Emily's life, and by the end of the episode they were kissing. Whatever is going on with Sara's weird (still possilbly not real?) mother is keeping Emily from heading out on a trip to Thailand with Nicole, who is another person we're not sure we trust, especially with her cozying up to Ezra. 

So as of now, Charles is still A, and we are thoroughly terrified to meet him in three episodes. Hopefully everyone manages to stay alive until then! 

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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