Jennifer Lawrence, Hand Tattoo

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Regrets, she's had a few!

Jennifer Lawrence has been sporting some ink as of late, an almost skin-colored tattoo that reads H2O on her right hand—and she's not afraid to dish about her latest accessory.

During an interview at Comic-Con with HitFix, the X-Men beauty admitted that she got the tattoo on a whim during an outing with her Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth's family.

"You know, I call this tattoo a watered-down rebellion because it's not like a real tattoo," she explained to the reporter.

"It's just like, I was with Liam's family and everybody was getting tattoos and I was like, well, I'm always going to need to be hydrated, so I guess I should just get an H2O on my hand." Right you are!

The ever-quotable J.Law continued, "It's the color of a scar so it's au naturel and it's literally the most unrebellious tattoo that anybody could ever get."

But before anyone could point out, the actress happily noted that the image isn't quite scientifically accurate.

"By the way, I know that the two is high and H2O the two is supposed to be low," she added. "I should've Googled it before I got it tattooed on my body forever."

Shoulda, woulda, coulda…

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