Sure, this animal could theoretically devour everyone in this video, but that didn't stop anyone from coming to its aid when it was near death.

A male great white shark found itself in the hands of humans when it became stranded in Chatham, Massachusetts on Monday. While they waited for rescuers to arrive, beachgoers continually splashed water on the shark to keep him alive. Officials from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy were able to tow him back into the water, much to the delight of the crowd.

But the seven-foot shark wasn't out of the woods yet. A video posted by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy showed how much work and time had to go into ensuring the animal would survive the ordeal once back in the ocean. Dr. Greg Skomal and Harbormaster Stuart Smith stuck by its side about a mile offshore, and you can hear in the video that they weren't feeling optimistic about the shark's survival.

But in the end, the shark came back to life, literally, and was able to be tagged and released.

To learn more about the research done at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, visit their website.

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