Heidi Klum

John M. Heller/Getty Images

Heidi Klum, doing some seriousass shopping at Hell-Ay's posh shoppery the Beverly Center on Election Day. Heid hightailed it to home away from home, Victoria's Secret, where she spent about, oh, right around...$6,000 on lingerie and clothes, hopefully purchasing next year's somewhat-offensive Halloween costume. Jeez, H.K. musta been in some high spirits post-voting, but shouldn't Vicky supermodel Klumie get all her undergarments for free? Being a less lacy, more true-blue American across town was...

Soleil Moon Frye, doing her civic duty and waiting in line at the polls in Brentwood. Punky Brewster and her producer hubby, Jason Goldberg, stopped by around 7:30 a.m., SMF showing off her totally long locks while donning an oversize sweatshirt on the chilly Hell-Ay morn. Waiting to vote with all the normal folks brings those VIP-happy celebs down a notch, don't it? Also enjoying herself on this politically fueled week was...

Amanda Bynes, dancing with pals at the Stone Rose bar at WeHo's Sofitel hotel on a Wednesday night. The all-growns-up teen star donned a black jacket with heavy shoulder pads, lookin' great. Mandy B might still look like the wide-eyed youth her pigtailed Penny in Hairspray was, but this 22-year-old can legally party in L.A. all she wants, watch the hell out.

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