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Comic-Con made a lot of dreams come true this year, including one of ours: ''N Sync and the Backstreet Boys are finally working together. 

Well, sort of.

Although it's been years since we've seen the boy band members together, just a few days ago in San Diego Nick Carter announced that fellow BSB A.J. McLean and 'N Syncer Joey Fatone would star in his new film Dead 7, being produced by The Asylum.

Nick Carter tells E! News, "I wanted my friends in the film with me. What is more fun than riding horses and being zombies shooting things? Even as a kid I loved horror films, this was always something I wanted to do." 

But wait, back up, Joey from 'N Sync is in this! Aren't 'N Sync and BSB, like, mortal enemies born to hate like the Capulets and Montagues? Yes, comparing '90s boy band love with Shakespeare makes sense because this is that intense.

Well, myth buster alert: BSB and 'N Sync are actually friends! "We've been friends for a long time," Nick continued. "I knew this would be a fun thing for us to do." 

So what's this apocalyptic zombie movie all about? Nick kept the details vague but did tell us, "I started writing this screenplay, Dead West, close to five years ago but it wasn't till about two years ago that we really started to make it happen. It was first called Dead West but was told that could be too limiting, wanted to make it more modern and apocalyptic than an old western."

He also says there is a love triangle between his character and his younger brother—and he has yet another boy-bander in mind for the role of brother. In fact, Nick just tweeted at Niall Horan yesterday to offer him the part (although Jesse McCartney was whom he really wanted, he tells us).

"Ok @NiallOfficial I know we're from different generations but...would you like to play my brother in this zombie movie with me? #Dead7," Carter offered. (No response yet from the One Direction lad, but we'll keep our eyes peeled.)

"I get into these moods and just feel like asking," Nick explained. "You never know until you ask."

Niall Horan, Nick Carter

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And get this—if Nick could cast any woman to play the center of this love battle, he tells us that Hillary Duff (yes, his brother Aaron Carter's ex) would be his first choice (that is, of course after his wife Lauren Carter, who is also starring in the flick.)

In one of those moods, Nick didn't stop at Niall, either. He has also tweeted Mel B, SisQó, and Paul McCartney about participating.

No reason to stop now—who should Nick Carter tweet next?!

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