It's all water under the London bridge for Jonny and Taylor.

The #RichKids of Beverly Hills BFFs are back to being just that, BFFs.

While in London for Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick's engagement vacation, the duo butt heads over Jonny Drubel callinig Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff's now ex-boyfriend, Bobby, out for being a user.

In the deleted clip above, Jonny and Taylor sit down at Choccywoccydoodah (say that 3 times fast...) to try and hash out the drama over a few super sweet treats.


Jonny wastes no time getting to the point of the convo, "Is that for two nights ago? I'm sorry if you're upset with me. You have a right to be upset with me."

Right away, Taylor-Ann knows that even though she was mad at Jonny for his outburst, she knows he was right about Bobby, "I shouldn't have been upset with you."

Watch the clip above to see their whole heart-to-heart, and get all the details on the Taylor/Bobby breakup!

Catch the season three finale and watch more full episodes of #RichKids of Beverly Hills HERE.

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