Serena Williams

Karwai Tang/WireImage

We believe this is what you'd call a glam slam!

After claiming victory at Wimbledon for the—yup, count it!—sixth time on Saturday, tennis goddess Serena Williams served up another win the annual Champions' Ball at Guidhall in London.  

Radiating in a cream gown with embellished bodice and silk skirt, the 33-year-old was a beacon of beauty and without a word silenced the—to borrow a term from J.K. Rowling here—idiots that took to social media over the weekend with body-shaming tweets about the pro athlete.  

While the tennis phenom didn't directly address the negative comments she did caption a glam red carpet shot of herself "swerve." As in, haters can't even touch her.

Further proving she couldn't be bothered or brought down by such nonsense, the No. 1 ranked tennis player in the world spent the evening grooving with fellow Wimbledon champ Novak Djokovic to the tune "Night Fever." Her moves earned her more praise from Novak who told ESPN: "Serena is a great dancer."

We're going to amend that and say: Serena is pretty great at everything! 

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