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Best. Kiss. Ever.

Sorry, Elena, but it looks like Damon is already moving on on The Vampire Diaries...with the guy responsible for your current Sleeping Beauty status: Kai!

In an epic sizzle reel, which was first screened at the CW hit's panel at Comic-Con on Sunday in Hall H, Ian Somerhalder and Chris Wood surprised and delighted fans in the best way possible: by recreating Damon and Elena's (Nina Dobrev) epic kiss in the rain.

"Promise me this is forever," Kai said, just before Damon caresses his face and said, "I promise." AND THEN THEY KISSED. While it was raining. And it was amazing. And while we'll eventually have the full video for you right here, you can watch it over at Buzzfeed right now!

Sure, we know he's really super evil and all, but we're kind of shippin' Kai and Damon. Kaimon forever!

In all seriousness though, how will Damon move on now that he's had to say goodbye to the love of his life? Well, prepare to see the Damon of season Julie Plec teased that fans will see "a lot of naughty Damon trying to not be naughty," with Somerhalder chiming in, calling it "the old f--king Damon." So yeah, that means expect Damon to be "sexy, volatile, fun," and "dangerous" in season seven, Somerhalder promised (or warned?). 

Plec previewed, "The challenge for Damon is that Elena said to him, ‘Please live your life and be who you are.' But we know who Damon is. So for him, it's ‘Who am I without this girl right by my side?"

The Vampire Diaries, Candice Accola, Paul Wesley

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But that doesn't mean there won't be any romance on TVD now that Delena is done (for now), as Plec teased there are "a lot of very unexpected twists and turns" ahead for Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola). "The fun of this couple is that they're just getting cemented in their romantic status. As we left it off, he said, I will be here when you're ready.' She's trying really, really, really hard not to be ready."

Oh, and "shirtless stuff every episode." Huzzah!

In a funny moment, Wesley took a moment to address a major issue he has: he doesn't like Stefan and Caroline's ship name, Steroline, which he thinks is "too clean." But he also has an issue with another ship name on the show. "Delena sounds like it could be a disease," Wesley joked. "Steroline could be the cure for the disease."

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, Oct 8 on the CW.

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