Nia Sanchez, Miss Nevada, Miss USA 2014

Patrick Prather/Miss Universe Organization

Remember the Miss USA pageant? That event where every state's "hottest" woman competes against each other for the national crown? Or we should say, that event that totally fell apart after Donald Trump made some very offensive and very ill-advised statements during his campaign speech.

In case you feel like getting totally riled up again, here's a little refresher. While announcing his presidential candidacy, ol' Trumpy decided to describe Mexican-Americans as "rapists" who are "bringing drugs and crime" into this country. What a doll, right? Brands and companies began cancelling their associations with the "politician" faster than we've ever seen, and that included basically every aspect of the Miss USA telecast.

NBC pulled the show from its lineup (in addition to severing other ties with Trump), and all of the hosts and judges pulled out as well. The competition will now be televised on Reelz, with a makeshift cast of characters who apparently aren't afraid to be seen as taking Trump's side. In other words, it's not really worth a minute of your time. As such, we've come up with a list of other activities you could do on Sunday night to fill the inevitable Miss USA void you will be dealing with; we'll warn you, it was hard to come up with worthy options, but we did our best.

1. Catch up on the new season of True Detective. Don't you want to know what all the complaining is about?

2. Discover the lost art of friendship-bracelet-making.

3. Create a Pinterest wedding board. Who cares if you're single? It's never too early.

4. Get wasted. YOLO.

5. Knit booties for all your future nieces and nephews.

6. Go outside and stare at the sky.

7. Learn to drive a stick shift.

8. Hit the gym, make dinner, and prep for the coming week. This is basically any other Sunday, after all.

9. Read a book. Remember books?

10. Channel surf for three hours straight. As long as you're skipping past Reelz.

11. Have a marshmallow-eating contest.

12. Memorize all the state capitols.

13. Plan a trip.

14. Finally learn to do a fishtail braid.

15. Solve the age-old debate: Which way should the toilet paper roll face?

16. DIY something. Anything.

17. Learn a language. You can do that in one night, right?

18. Figure out the deal with those mason jar salads everybody's putting on their Pinterest boards.

19. Brush up on every current events story in existence.

20. Remember the importance of tolerance and respect. America!

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