This season of #RichKids of Beverly Hills has prompted us with an endless amount of questions. 

Roxy Sowlaty talked to E! News exclusively to answer a few of them...

What was it like watching the drama between you and Morgan Stewart play out on TV?

"I think watching it back has made everything feel a lot more complicated and convoluted. I feel like it was really hard going through it but then hearing the way Morgan and Brendan have misconstrued the events that happen, and that they had the audacity to talk badly about somebody I love when Brendan was compensated and paid is kind of mind boggling to me. Watching it back and watching how cold Morgan was to me after all of our conversations also makes me sad. It's been really sad watching it back and dealing with it to be honest." (Roxy is of course talking about the business deal gone bad between her boyfriend and Brendan Fitzpatrick.)

What did you think about the other #RichKids' opinions on the situation?

"Jonny really, really, really held my hand and helped me through this and it was a really hard few months for me and I'm so grateful and I'm so appreciative that he's the only one that had my back and defended me, you know, it really means a lot. He really knows the full extent. He knew that me not going to London was a pure motivation not a malice motivation." 

"Dorothy is not nearly as close to Morgan as I am. Morgan and I have been sisters for ten years, so she doesn't know what we're going through, she's never had a friend as close as Morgan and I are for as long as we've been friends. I think that a lot of people wish they had the relationship that Morgan and I had, so I think when I was not in the picture I'm sure she was happy to have that opportunity to step in and become closer with Morgan." 


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Do you think fans will be happy about how the season ends?

"I think the season ends on a hopeful note. But I think you have to watch and see how we get there and if we really get there."

Is your friendship with Morgan still a work in progress today?

"Most certainly." (She said very vaguely.)

How do you balance keeping your relationship private when your life is so public?

"To me, relationships are really sacred and I feel like those intimate moments you want to keep to yourself. I don't need to post every single thing I do in my relationship. I just think some things are meant to be private and don't need to be flaunted. I think when you flaunt things you're kind of asking for problems." 


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Did you know Bobby was on A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila?

"Yes, I did know that. Dorothy had googled it one night and group texted all of us indicating of her research findings. We were all kind of beyond, beyond, beyond shocked. He's really just the slimiest guy. He's just like...scummy."

To see what happens with Roxy and Morgan's friendship, don't miss the season finale this Sunday. 

Tune-in to the season finale of #RichKids of Beverly Hills this Sunday at 10/9c! 

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