Fast Food, Taco Bell

Oh. Em. Gee. You'd better be sitting down for this, because we've got some huge news. Huge.

As of this exact moment, Taco Bell is now offering delivery. You can now get all the bean burritos and Doritos Locos tacos your heart desires, without even getting up from the couch. Think of how this will change your hangovers! We'll let the news sink in for a second.

The company announced the monumental update via a press release today, saying that they decided to add the service because delivery has consistently been the number one request from customers (Editors note: Duh!). "Delivery is yet another example of how we're using technology and innovation to respond to customers' wants and needs, further evolving the Taco Bell experience for customers," the company said in a statement. "We see a tremendous opportunity to bring the Taco Bell experience to fans where and when they want it most."

Tremendous opportunity is right!

The newly-added delivery service will come courtesy of the app DoorDash, which is basically another version of Uber for food. You can download the app to your phone or head to the website, and you'll have your delicious, greasy Mexican food in just a few taps. Does that sound heavenly or does that sound heavenly?

Now, of course, there is some fine print. Since this is a brand new option, delivery isn't offered all over the country. As of now the service is available in over 200 restaurants in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and Dallas regions. Prices and fees will vary depending on the region, but we can guess that ordering delivery isn't going to be nearly as cheap as driving to Taco Bell yourself.

There are plans to roll out to other cities, but in the meantime you can check out the full list here. If you're outside of these areas, it's probably time to plan a trip stat.

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