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Ryan Reynolds wants you to know that despite having one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, he does not—we repeat, does not—work out as much as you think.

"I think there's a misconception that I spend 365 days a year in a gym," he told me while promoting his new thriller, Self/less. "That is patently false. My wife will tell you that. She can tell you that that isn't the case."

You mean, Reynolds and Blake Lively don't work out together like all the time?

"No," Reynolds said. "We do a little hiking together—the boring stuff. I do it easily for a job, but there are tons of films that I've done where I just let myself go. I'm a tall and skinny guy naturally. I suppose there's a camouflage to that."

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool


We know he had to be in pretty darn good shape for the upcoming superhero movie Deadpool.

So let's just imagine for a moment what's under his Deadpool suit.

Or maybe not.

"I'm really just wearing like a unitard. Nothing too romantic I'm afraid," Reynolds said. "But that thing is hot, man. That thing is tight."

How difficult was it putting on every day?

"It wasn't easy," Reynolds said. "When it started it would take up to 45 minutes but in the end I had that thing down to ten minutes."

In Self/less, Ben Kingsley plays a real estate mogul with cancer who undergoes a revolutionary procedure that transfers his brain into the body of a healthy young man (Reynolds).

Reynolds isn't too sure if science should imitate art.

"There's some compelling science that would suggest that it's something they could actually one day achieve," he said. "To me, it just seems like a kind of class system error, one of those things where those people are able to use their power, influence and money in order to kind of bend the rules and thwart natural selection."

Self/less is in theaters July 10.

Ryan Reynolds, Self/Less

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