Traci Bingham, Coco, Dude

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images; Paul Fenton/; Image Source/Getty Images

No matter which way individuals voted in the presidential election, the tension, the excitement and the concern that we have been living with for so many months has been officially put to rest, allowing America to move on to other key voting concerns.

Today, respected news source broke the heated challenge, Who Has the Better Body: Traci Bingham or Coco? “Which star is more attractive? Which star looks more natural?” are the two issues up for debate.

“I thought the president thing was intense, but this is really going to take some, like, thinking,” admitted 20-year-old Norfolk, Va., resident Mitch Dilkner to Soup Blog reporters. “They’re both superhot ladies, but the whole issue of looking this point I could see it going either way, although now that Barack has broken down the race barrier, Traci might have the edge.”

Added Dilkner: “Hey, do I have to register to vote in this one, too?”

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