Disney Tourney Split


It's time for the Sweet 16, Disney fans!

Now that we've whittled the list down from 32 with a brutal first round (seriously, Beauty and the Beast straight up annihilated Wreck-It Ralph), we can get to the real battles of our Greatest Animated Disney Movie of All Time tournament.

First of all, two of our front runners got knocked out in the first round, so we're in a bit of shock: Mulan and Wall-E both narrowly lost their head-to-head match against Up and Pinocchio, respectively. So when we say this tournament is anyone's to win, we mean it!

Of course, with every round the choices become more and more difficult. Can you decide between Aladdin and Frozen? What about Tangled and Toy Story? Scroll on down and vote for your favorites, no matter how much it kills you to choose between two wonderful films.

This round ends Friday, July 10 at 5:00 p.m. PST. So start your weekend off right by getting every single last vote in before we shut down the polls, OK? 

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