Damon Albarn, Roskilde Festival


The question of whether he should stay or go was ultimately answered for Damon Albarn.

The British singer blurred the line between rock-and-roll rebellion and malfeasance early Sunday morning at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, where he performed a five-hour set that ended only when security carried him off the stage when he otherwise refused to go.

Of course, considering it was close to 4 a.m., maybe he was actually happy for the lift?

The sometimes Blur frontman and other times Gorillaz singer was playing Roskilde with the Africa Express Project—and he was apparently having so much fun, he insisted that the show must go on despite the late (or early!) hour.

Damon Albarn, Roskilde Festival

Rob Ball/Redferns via Getty Images

After a marathon set that included covers of the Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go" and Randy Newman's "Baltimore," security approached Albarn in an effort to get him to pack it in.

The 47-year-old artist instead tried to get the crowd all riled up.

"F--k that, right?!" he inquires as a beefy guard shrugged, whaddaya-gonna-do style. "F--k what anyone says. You want more, we're gonna give you more," Albarn then promised.

And he fully intended to give the audience more, but the guys in charge had a different idea.

The whole video is entertaining, but Albarn gets scooped up and toted off stage at 2:25:

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