Natalie Coughlin, ESPN Magazine Body Issue

Williams + Hirakawa for ESPN The Magazine

ESPN magazine's The Body Issue has officially made its online debut—and E! News has a look at the six different covers before the mag hits newsstands on Friday.

In addition to baseball star Bryce Harper, Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Cleveland Cavaliers' Kevin Loveheptathlete Chantae McMillan and track and field athlete Amanda Bingson are among the world class athletes featured on the mag's various covers for the seventh annual issue. 

The pics see the famous sports stars posing nude, highlighting the strength of their bodies, which allow them to perform their sport at a top-notch level. 

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Odell Beckham Jr., ESPN Magazine Body Issue

Carlos Serrao for ESPN The Magazine

"One of the things I love about the Body Issue so much is that it celebrates the bodies that allow us to be successful in our sport," Coughlin, 32, said. "As a sports fan, I love seeing the differences in body types."

Still, the swimmer, who is a 12-time Olympic medalist, has struggled with body image issues in the past. 

"There were a lot of girls around me growing up that suffered full-blown eating disorders, or just the body dysmorphia that every girl feels -- especially every girl in a swimsuit," the athlete told the mag. "There were times when I wasn't happy with my body, but I always knew that I was really fit and that it was what allowed me to be successful in the pool."

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Amanda Bingson, ESPN Magazine Body Issue

Peter Hapak for ESPN The Magazine

She added that she's still self-conscious about her arms. "It's really hard to find a dress that's a size 10 in the lats but a size 4 in the waist. But I want to be as successful as I can; if that means having big arms, I'll take big arms." 

Likewise, track and field hammer thrower Amanda Bingson said she's proud to pose for The Body Issue and wants to show that "athletes come in all shapes and sizes." 

"Dense would be the right word for me," she admitted. "Generally when you look at athletes, you see their muscles and all that stuff; I don't have any of that. My arm is just my arm -- it's not cut, it's not sculpted. I don't have traps bulging out to my ears; I have a neck. I don't have a six-pack. My legs are a little toned, but they aren't bulging out. I'm just dense." 

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Chantae McMillan, ESPN Magazine Body Issue

Carlos Serrao for ESPN The Magazine

While Bingson also revealed that she was bullied for her body as a kid, she said she has now come to terms with her strong figure. 

"I'll be honest, I like everything about my body. And I think it's because I moved from Las Vegas to Texas," she explained. "In Vegas, I was bombarded with all of these 'double zeros' and Abercrombie models, these little people coming in for shows. I never wanted to be a part of that, ever. And when I moved to Texas, everyone here is just so open about their bodies. I see these big girls in these tiny little bathing suits and I'm looking at them like, 'Man, these girls are so confident!' Now I just think, 'I'm just going to throw far because I'm confident with myself and I don't have to worry about what I look like anymore.'" 

She added: "You might be prettier and skinnier than me, but I'll kick your ass in a game of one-on-one."

Kevin Love, ESPN Magazine Body Issue

Richard Phibbs for ESPN The Magazine

Head over to ESPN for more from the magazine!

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