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Pawnee forever! Rob Lowe had Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler over to celebrate July 4th, making for one very big and patriotic Parks and Recreation reunion. Even though Parks and Recreation ended in February, it's never too soon for a reunion. Never.

Who's already writing fan fiction about this holiday where Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger invited Leslie Knope over? How will you explain Leslie's new hair and the absence of Ben Wyatt? We're ready to read it when you're done.

Both Lowe and Jones shared the lovely picture on Instagram. Too bad they didn't get together in August after Poehler's annual vacation with Parks and Rec boss Mike Schur. Why? Because in an interview with Uproxx, Poehler said she planned to get the lowdown on where Leslie Knope is every year, like she used to do when they were making the show.

"Mike Schur and I are both going on a vacation with our families at the same time that we usually – there was always this time over the past seven years in August where Mike would call me and talk about what's going to happen to Leslie that year. Basically, ‘This is Leslie's journey for the season.' And he would pitch to me and we would talk it out and we would talk about ideas. It was something I looked forward to. It was like going back to school and this is the first year in seven years we aren't doing it," Poehler said. "So, we're going to be together on vacation with our families for the purpose of doing that. And I've said to him, I think what we might try to do – (laughs) this is so Leslie Knope what I'm about to say! – is I want him to pitch me every August what's happening to Leslie that year, even though I'm not playing her anymore. I trust that he will have a good sense of what she's doing and I want to know! I want him to go, ‘So, I think Leslie's at her job at this point.' I just want to hear, I just want to track what she's doing."

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As for a filmed reunion, Schur told E! News "never say never."

"You know it's crazy but it never occurred to me that the finale seemed to be pointing in that direction!" Schur said of all the flash forwards showing where each character ended up years in the future. "I love the idea of a reunion, because I love this group of people so much, but the reality is that the most likely scenario that this entire group of people will ever be together at the same time in the same place is that they'll all be nominated for Oscars. They all remain friends…I don't think we'll ever not be friends because it was a really special time, it's a really special group of people. But the idea of trying to pull of something like that...Believe me, if that is ever even hinted at as a reality I'll be the first in line. The way the world of television has gone, it's at least possible. So I'll never say never."

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