Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Duchess Catherine, Prince William

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

This weekend's Royal Christening is shaping up to be a huge affair. One might even say it will be a christening of...royal...proportions. 

All of Britain's biggest names will be there—Will, Kate, Prince George, and even famed photographer Mario Testino, who will be taking the Royal Pictures for the day. If Prince George's own christening two years ago is any indication, it's going to be an event to remember (and discuss...over and over again.)

One of the most anticipated details of the day, besides what Charlotte will look like in that ridiculous-slash-cute christening outfit, is the unveiling of The Godparents. The recipients of the coveted role are kept secret until the Big Event, making it all the more dramatic when the public finds out. As always, royal betters have their predictions all lined up, but we decided to get a little creative and come up with a list of our very own. Little Georgie has a whopping seven Godparents, so who knows how many Charlotte might get. But we do know that any of these fine folks would be a fabulous choice.

Pippa Middleton
Seriously, it is her time! Girl was passed up once before and we will not have it again. It's hard to come up with someone more inspiring than a woman who can do a marathon and a 54-mile bike ride in one week. Plus she's a professional party planner, meaning Charlotte's birthdays would be off the chain. #Pippa4Prez.

The Beckhams
There are many folks who (gasp!) believe David and Victoria to be the real Royal Couple. We're not trying to get in trouble with the Queen, but we'll just say that these two are fierce and deserve recognition for all that fierceness. They also have a lot to offer—David can teach little Char how to be the best darn athlete around, and Victoria can pass on some amazing hand-me-downs. If Harper is willing to share, that is.

Ian McKellen
Make that Sir Ian McKellen, because this dude's a knight! We would give our left arm for this guy to be our Grandpa, but since that's not possible we'll pay it forward to Princess Charlotte. He's a literal treasure trove of wisdom, and it also wouldn't hurt for Charlotte to spend time with such a prominent gay rights activist. If his Pride weekend celebrations are any indication, he would throw Charlotte quite the party.

Kate Moss
Okay, stay with us for a second. Every girl needs a fun, party-loving aunt who will keep all of your secrets and sometimes buy you beer. Since we know Pippa's not going to step up, that's where Kate comes in. Role model, schrole model, Charlotte wants to get down! 

Seriously, how freaking cute would that be? Puppy godparent? Come on. Plus he missed out on his chance at being ring bearer, what with him having not been adopted yet, so he deserves to get in on this family tradition.

Taylor Swift
Sure, we're not sure if Tay's even met the Royal Family. But she's already the assigned Godmother to Jaime King, who she's been friends with for approximately five minutes, so why not this? Charlotte's going to be a fan of her music one of these days so this would give Kate a leg up during those pesky teen years.

Damian Lewis
He's British and Will and Kate are huge Homeland fans. Sure, sign him up. He's got a lot of free time now what with Brody being dead and all. 

Cressida Bonas
This is just the first step in a brilliant-beyond-brilliant plan to get Harry back together with the love of his life (according to us). Kate and Will are going to Parent Trap the crap out of these two.  

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