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Today was a big day for the selfie. Huge, in fact. 

After over 40 years, selfies are now allowed in the White House. Actually, make that all personal photography and social media. Michelle Obama made the legendary announcement this morning, even ripping the former "No Photography" sign in half for good measure. The Oval Office then welcomed a straight-up cavalry of lucky citizens to enjoy a tour of the building and take the very first Instagrams from inside the White House. And Instagram they did.

In fact, the bloggers, reporters and all-around fortunate folks took the White House by literal storm, snapping pictures left and right. And why shouldn't they? This is a groundbreaking day for selfie-takers! And for society in general! We all owe Michelle Obama our lives—or at least all of our likes.

If you'd like to follow along on this legendary moment, just see the hashtag #whitehousetour. Or you could just scroll down to check out some of our favorites. These pictures are funny, they're sweet, but mostly they let us see inside the White House like never before.

#whitehousetour This sign says it all

A photo posted by Jay Mcmichael (@jaymcmichaelcnn) on

This happens sometimes. #WhiteHouseTour #Nationals #RacingPresidents #WHHA

A photo posted by Klevis Xharda (@xklevis) on

Selfies galore on the public White House tour this morning. #whitehousetour

A photo posted by Pete Souza (@petesouza) on The East Wing @whitehouse

A photo posted by Lo Bosworth (@lobosworth) on

hurricane force winds as President Obama flies off in Marine One. #whitehousetour

A photo posted by leonor mamanna (@leonorjr) on

Me and the White House Historical Society photographer. #whitehousetour

A photo posted by Adam Nekola (@nekolaweb) on

#MarineForceOne just took off with President Obama waving goodbye! #whitehousetour

A photo posted by Amanda Nichols (@amandajadenichols) on

And even though these aren't technically selfies, visitors couldn't resist snapping pics of the real stars of the White House: Bo and Sunny.

Sunny + Bo say hey (bark bark). ?????? #FirstDog #WhiteHouseTour

A photo posted by Jake Spencer Hammel (@jakehammel) on

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