Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan know that no matter what happens, the show must go on!

So when a loud, blaring alarm of sorts started going off during Monday's Live! With Kelly and Michael, they really tried to keep on chatting through the commotion. Neither co-host seemed particularly concerned about the cause of the noise. "Should we be concerned with that?" Kelly asked nonchalantly.

"It doesn't sound like a fire alarm," offered Michael.

"I'm sure that's not dangerous to anyone here—unless it is!" Kelly quipped. 

Michael wondered out loud whether he and Kelly "should move away from the [sweepstakes] wheel" that comes down from the ceiling. This seemed to be a passing thought, though, and both co-hosts stayed put in their chairs!

"It's a good thing this isn't live TV," Kelly deadpanned.

Michael reassured her they'd "figure it out," adding jokingly, "We'll just yell for the rest of the show!"

But, really, they handled the pesky buzzing sound like pros, trying to banter their way past what Kelly described as "the noisy elephant in the room." For nearly four minutes, the aggravating sound continued. When it finally let up, the co-hosts were visibly relieved and the audience erupted in applause.

"Now I have a question," Michael said. "Since they unplugged something, are we still on the air?"

And they were! Just in case any viewers at home had tuned out because of the noise, Live!'s official Twitter account posted an update on the technical difficulties....

Props to Kelly, Michael and the whole Live! team for keeping us laughing through that! See for yourself in the video above.

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