Sarah Palin, Saturday Night Live

NBC Photo: Dana Edelson

We tried to be bipartisan while speaking to a bunch of celebs at an impossibly frenetic H'wood bash, yet another BlackBerry launch party. But we didn't find a single McCain supporter in the house, dammit, only your Adrian, Hayden and Eva types.

Guess Heidi Montag had better fetes to attend? Here's what the others said, given one last swing at the candidates:

Awful Truth: Who are you supporting?
Adrian Grenier:
"Who are you supporting? Probably the same one. Isn't everybody voting for Barack? I thought it was the consensus. You know, I'm just waiting for McCain to turn around and endorse Barack Obama. He's just killin' it. I would not be surprised if McCain turned around and just decided to drop out of the race."

AT: How do you plan to celebrate when Obama wins?
Eva Longoria Parker
: "Hopefully at my house."

AT: What're your plans after voting?
Hayden Panettiere:
"Celebrating somewhere with friends or family—God help us, please."

AT: Should Obama win, how do you plan to celebrate?
William H. Macy
: "You'll hear me yelling! What a great day that will be. I can't take it anymore."

AT: What do you think about Sarah Palin?
"I think she's really talented and personable, and I like her, I like her spirit. She's on the wrong side of everything I believe in, from abortion, she believes Darwin is a theory...I think it was a cynical move on McCain's part. Without a touch of irony, he kept telling Obama he doesn't have enough experience to be president, and then he chooses Sarah Palin. And he doesn't see the humor in that? Those Republicans, they've got gall."

AT: What would you like to say to Sarah Palin?
Dustin Hoffman:
"Watch out, because Joe the Plumber is stealing your thunder. He may be running for the same seat in Congress."

—With additional sass by Taryn Ryder

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