Matthew Broderick channels his famous alter ego, Ferris Bueller, to encourage folks to vote, even if it means taking the day off from work or, yup, school. We're pretty sure Principal Rooney would be cool with it this time around.

• At a bash celebrating his No. 1 hit "You Look Good in My Shirt," Keith Urban made wife Nicole Kidman blush, telling her, "You do look good in my shirt…and out of it!" Ha, we knew it wasn't just fertility waters!

• You'd think with all the green Miley Cyrus has, she would buy her beau a sportier car.

Heidi Klum loses the freaky braids and brings back the glamour gal we all know and love for her second Got Milk? ad.

Angelina Jolie only wants to play characters she'd like to spend time with in real life, saying, "I tell stories that are about the type of women I'd want to meet." Um, she may want to go back and rewatch Girl, Interrupted.

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