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Ever want to date Chris Evans? Anthony Mackie is here to help!

As filming continues for Captain America: Civil War, both actors are spending plenty of time together both on-set and away from the cameras. As a result, Mackie has developed a clear idea of what kind of lady Evans should date next.

"Chris needs a regular girl. Chris needs a girl who is just down to earth, who's smart and that's hard to find," Mackie revealed to E! News exclusively before playing golf at the 11th annual Irie Weekend benefiting the Irie Foundation. "Those girls are not celebrities. Those are not girls you know."

Mackie continued, "Chris just needs a regular and down to earth smart girl...Somebody that can take care of him you know because he is Captain America."

So ladies, do you fit the bill? But wait, there's more!

Anthony Mackie

Thaddeaus McAdams

Mackie just so happened to reveal a secret not many fans know about the A-list actor. Turns out Mr. Evans has a surprise taste in music.

"He really loves Earth, Wind & Fire," Mackie shared. "Like we were talking one day and he put on Earth, Wind & Fire and he said it's the best band of all time. So Chris just dances around to Earth, Wind & Fire all day. It's really weird."

Clearly, Evans is literally our "Shining Star."

Music habits aside, the duo's upcoming film slated for release in May 2016 is described by Mackie as a "much bigger movie" that could be called "Avengers 3.5" because of its huge story.

And while fans are eagerly waiting for the big release, we couldn't help but ask about a possible Captain America 4.

"I hope so because we are doing Civil War," Mackie shared. "There are so many different characters in this movie. It's really hard to say what the next one is going to be like because no one really knows except Marvel."

But what about seeing Mackie in the next Avengers movie? "I hope so but I haven't read a script yet so it's tricky to say," he confessed. Can't say we didn't try fans. 

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