Kendall Jenner, KATSU Drone Drawing


Something major just happened to someone major on a seriously major scale. Need further clarification? Here goes!

One of New York City's biggest billboards, the one in SoHo of Kendall Jenner modeling for Calvin Klein, was vandalized by a hacked drone.

Early Wednesday morning, Katsu—a famous graffiti artist and vandal—used a Phantom drone to draw huge red lines across the brunette beauty's face on the huge advertisement.

And this isn't just your everyday run-of-the-mill mischief making, folks, this is said to mark one of the first uses of drones for a massive-scale act of public vandalism.

Wired caught up with the man behind the work to find out what he thinks of his latest stunt.

"It turned out surprisingly well," he said proudly. "It's exciting to see its first potential use as a device for vandalism."

Exciting? That's, um, an interesting choice of words there.

Katsu documented how he performed the illegal act, saying that the whole process took less than a minute and "was a bit tense."

"Seventy percent of the concentration is in maintaining this equilibrium with the two dimensional surface while you are painting."

He added that no one was more shocked at how easy, and effective, the use of the drone was for tagging Jenner's Calvin Klein ad.

"It's a bit frightening." You can say that again.

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