Naomi Watts, British Airways

British Airways

People might start considering flying from London to Australia more often with Naomi Watts at the helm of a new—or should we say old?—ad campaign.

British Airways is celebrating 80 years of its direct flight, known as the Kangaroo Route, by recreating one of its vintage ads. The first flight took off April 13,1935, but this time the airline is using a more modern approach to promote its route.

Instead of a drawn poster, they've hired the actress to promote the flight. Wearing a very retro one-piece red swimsuit, Watts recreates the iconic poster by carrying a yellow surfboard like she's ready to hit Australia's big waves. Although she looks gorgeous, we can't help but chuckle at the corniness of the photo. Then again, she's recreating a 1935 ad!

Naomi Watts

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for British Airways

British Airways also snapped a pic of the Oscar nominee walking along the beach with the same surfboard held above her head. They couldn't have picked a more perfect model for the campaign because Watts not only hails from the U.K., she also was raised in Australia! She herself has most likely experienced the Kangaroo Route more often than not.

"It has been great to go back in time with British Airways and recreate an iconic poster from such a glamorous era," the 46-year-old said, per the Daily Mail. "I love the vintage style from the golden age of travel so it was really fun to bring this to life."

She continued, "Eighty years is an incredible landmark for British Airways and with a personal connection to both countries, it's really special to take part in celebrating the history of travel between Australia and the UK."

Today the airline still flies a similar route, traveling from London and Sydney via Singapore. But what once took nearly 12 days takes only about 23 hours now, so there's a slight improvement LOL!

What do you think of Watts' look? Sound off in the comments below!

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