Robert Downey Jr. has proved his acting abilities time and time again, but his "Emotional Interview" with Jimmy Fallon Monday might be the Avengers: Age of Ultron star's greatest work.

Playing the game in which both Fallon and his guest have to alter their conversation based on a given emotional cue, RDJ wasted no time preparing himself for the intense interview that was to come. Seeing the 50-year-old actor adjusting himself in his chair, Fallon joked, "You're getting into you."

Self-described as an "emotional chameleon," RDJ began the interview by becoming "annoyingly philosophical."

"To know is to understand the question is already answered in its asking," said Downey. 

The Tonight Show host and the Iron Man actor contemplated the facts of life for only a little while before they had to act like they were "fishing for compliments." Downey tried to get Fallon to compliment his suit while the talk show host wanted RDJ to notice his hair.

Robert Downey Jr., Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show


"I guess I'll have a head of hair for the rest of my life," Fallon quipped.

But all of that confidence came to a halt when they were asked to act with a "total lack of confidence." Downey lost all of his gusto as host and even recommended that RDJ take over the coveted role. Unfortunately, the Oscar nominee couldn't muster the courage—or confidence—to take on the job, either.

But it all came to a head when Fallon "forgot to wish Robert a happy birthday," which could be considered one of the most heinous crimes in a friendship. But Downey couldn't put his finger on what he forgot!

"Did you get a new number?" he asked RDJ.

"Same number for 10 years, buddy," The Judge actor responded.

Watch the video above to find out just how many emotions these two can conjure up!

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