If you're lucky enough to go on a date with Jake Gyllenhaal, expect to meet his mom!

The Southpaw star dishes to Ellen DeGeneres that his favorite go-to first date spot is his mom's house LOL. Whether or not that's a good or bad thing can be left up to you to decide. When the Ellen Degeneres Show host asks if has ever been on a bad first date, he responds jokingly, "Well one thing I always do is I always bring my dates to my mother's house for the first date."

Upon seeing Ellen's confused face, he clarifies, "I think that's a good move," because he reveals that his mother is all about setting him up with women. He explains that she "thinks arranged marriages might be able to work," so he continues to joke that he introduces all of his dates to her so she can review them.

Jake Gyllenhaal

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"She thinks that if she picked for me that I'd do a lot better," he confesses. Although she hasn't actually set him up on any mom-approved dates, he admits that he would "absolutely" give it a chance. "I would trust my mom," he says.

Lucky for all of us, he's single! When he reveals that small fun fact, the crowd cheers more than when he talks about his career! (Because people are always more curious about relationship status...). To make him sound even more swoonworthy, Ellen reveals that the Donnie Darko actor was once in a boy band! Not only is he a hunk, he's also a very talented hunk LOL. But don't expect him to give himself too much credit.

"I was in a really, really bad band when I was in high school," he laughs.

Gyllenhaal says that his band, Whole Shot, wasn't very good, but we—and Ellen!—are skeptical to believe that because when she surprises him with a throwback photo of the band, they looked pretty legitimate (in the way a boy band can).

"That's one good looking band right there," he quips. But Ellen can't seem to get past the one member who is looking down.

"Y'all are tough. He's acting like he's checking the time he doesn't have a watch," she jokes, to which Gyllenhaal responds, "Um, he's just ashamed of the music we were making so his head's down."

At least he has a sense of humor about his past! Unfortunately for Ellen and the audience, they weren't able to track down a copy of Whole Shot's CD. To find out even more about the star's hilarious past, watch the clip above!

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