Meet Robert Downey Jr.'s baby girl!

The Avengers: Age of Ultron star stopped by The Late Show Thursday, where he opened up to David Letterman about his kids, saying, "I have three: a 21-year-old, Indio, a 3-year-old, Exton, and now Avri is a little over five months. I thought I'd show the first picture on planet earth here with you, kind sir."

After seeing the photo, the host said, "That's sweet!"

"The yellow bonnet helps!" Downey said. "You gotta love a yellow bonnet."

(Downey shared the first photo of Exton on The Tonight Show in 2012.)

"What's the dynamic with this one and the older one?" Letterman asked.

"Well, she's female," Downey said dryly.

"No rivalry?" the host asked. Downey said, "Not yet. It's natural for Exton to want to bite her once in a while. It can start off as a little pet and then it turns into a nibble. I think it's just establishing dominance. She'll be running stuff at some point."

Robert Downey Jr., Avri Roel


The Iron Man actor, who turned 50 on Apr. 4, also talked about his recent birthday blowout, where Jennifer Aniston, Orlando Bloom, Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon were among his guests. "It was kind of a big deal. I'm not going to do this many more times. I threw a big party for myself," Downey recalled, adding, "If I threw a big party for 51, it'd start getting a little indulgent."

So, how did he celebrate?

"I had two bands. I had Duran Duran play and then they opened for Steely Dan. I was stoked. Steely Dan asked me to come on stage. He said, 'Listen, Come up and sing "Reelin' in the Years" because we saw you sing that at a show once.' He was like, 'Come up! Come on up!' And I forgot the words, because I was a little excited to be up on stage with Steely Dan," Downey admitted.

"So you froze?" Letterman asked.

"No, I kind of lip-synced it to nothing," he replied.

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