Update, 9:45 am: A rep for Bruce Willis just got back to us with confirmation that he was joking. Phew! In other news: We really want him to start writing DWTS fan fiction. Who's with us?!


Bruce Willis said he got in a Dancing With the Stars fight. The action star stopped by Late Show with David Letterman and discussed daughter Rumer Willis and her time on Dancing With the Stars. Bruce has been going to the shows and attending post-show events, and according to him, helping break up fights between the judges along the way. Whuck? Now this is probably all a joke, but what a story it is!

"Dancing With the Stars had a big melee the other night. We went out there, my wife and I went out there, and right at just about the end of the show, the judges start fighting with each other," Bruce told David Letterman in the video above. "They got two guys, two girls, and they're scratching each other, they're beating each other up, and I'm going, 'What the—?' They had to turn the cameras off, everything's gone, everything's over, they start smacking people around. What they needed were not more judges, they needed a referee. I got involved."

What. Let us repeat: what.

Willis said once he got involved, he took a punch to the head. "One of the girl judges kicked me pretty hard," Bruce said. "That happened."

Say it with us: what.

However, the Die Hard star, who will appear on stage in Misery, said he knows just what Dancing With the Stars needed that night: Gandhi.

All together now: what.

Bruce getting involved in a melee with Julianne Hough, Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli is the stuff the Internet dies over, so thank you for the mental image, but we're not buying it!

Click play on the video above for more details on this DWTS "fight."

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