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What will Prince William and Kate Middleton name Baby No. 2?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don't know whether they're having a boy or a girl, but that hasn't stopped royal admirers from placing their bets. In fact, according to British bookmakers Ladbrokes, the odds that the couple will welcome a girl are 8-13, while the odds that they will welcome a boy are 6-5.

According to the betting agency, the top girls' names are Alice (2-1), Elizabeth (5-1), Charlotte (6-1), Alexandra (8-1) and Victoria (10-1). The most popular boys' names are James (8-1), Arthur (10-1), Henry (16-1), Charles (16-1) and Thomas (16-1). However, the odds are in flux as the duchess's due date nears.

So many options!

The couple's firstborn son, Prince George, is third in line to the British throne, behind his father and his grandfather, Prince Charles. Prior to his July 22, 2013, birth, many U.K. bookmakers pegged the name "George" as the front-runner. It was the name of Queen Elizabeth II's father, King George VI, who reigned from 1936 until his death in 1952, after assuming the throne on the abdication of his brother, Edward VIII.

King George I, born in Germany, became king in 1714.

A line of kings with the same name followed him.

What do you think the royal couple will name Baby No. 2?

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