It was a great night for Miranda Lambert!

The country cutie walked away with four awards after the 2015 ACM Awards in Dallas last night, including Album and Song of the Year, and during her time in the press room, Lambert first shared how happy she was with the energy that was felt in her homestate.

"I was really proud just in general of the show being here and kind of all of the artists and all the fans got to see what we're all about in Texas," she said.

"The crowd was so warm and so excited and such warm fans of country music and you could feel it in the room and that made me really happy, like my chest was swelled out because I'm from around here."

Miranda Lambert

Ethan Miller/Getty Images for dcp

And yes, winning some of these top awards was cool, too.

"I'm so thrilled Platinum won Album of the Year. Man, it was a tough one, though. I own all of those records and they're all great," the singer adds.

"It's those kinda categories where you feel really honored to be there because everybody there worked really hard to make their music reach you, and it does."

Unfortunately, Miranda wasn't able to turn and smooch her hubby Blake Shelton during these wins, because he was busy co-hosting with his bromance partner Luke Bryan. However, these two are used to spending time apart, and they make it work.

"I haven't seen Blake at all today, actually, it's kinda funny," she shared with the press.

"We've passed through the halls a few times, but it's definitely a different way to live and to be in a relationship but I feel like our relationship started on going separate ways and we just made it work and we make sure that our time together really matters, so when we're apart, it's not really a big deal because we know when we're together, we're really together."

Don't forget to also watch our interview with Miranda below to hear about her song for Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara's film Hot Pursuit!

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