Princess Diana Beanie Baby


Attention everyone who made fun of our Beanie Baby obsession: Time to eat your words.

Fans of the plush toys may have gotten ridicule from friends and family for "wasting time and money" collecting the stuffed animals, but it turns out they could be worth something after all.

A couple in Cornwall, England recently learned the good way that there's still value to old Beanie Babies. According to The Daily Mail, Leah Rogers and Ryan Flanaghan were shopping at a "car boot sale" (read: Basically a British garage sale) when they spotted what they thought was merely a cute limited-edition beanie baby—the Princess Diana bear, to be precise.

Apparently Ryan was a collector as child (as we all were) and remembered the Lady Di bear, and the couple decided to shell out £10 for a piece of childhood memories. But it turned out to be so much more—$90,000 more.

It turns out that, probably unbeknownst to the original owners, the Beanie was one of only 100 first-edition bears made immediately after Diana's death and could fetch them as much as £62,000. Now that's a successful garage sale stop.

The Mail reports that the couple plans to use the money they make on the Beanie Baby to help put a down payment on the house, so we think the real lesson here is that it's always worth keeping your childhood toys. Now if you'll excuse us we're off to dig through our old closet.

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