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Scandalous doesn't even begin to cover it.

In the above video recap for the latest episode of The Royals, creator Mark Schwahn gives inside details on the revealing episode. "There's a lot that's happening that's important to drive us into the second half of the season." 

The episode had a few hot and heavy moments especially between Princess Eleanor and her love interest, Beck. It's the first time we as an audience saw Beck, but it's made very clear that the two have a complicated history. 

The Royals

"It's kind of Royals spring break," Mark admits. He added, "It's a very romantic episode."

Plus at one point Ophelia goes topless which Mark confesses is brought up again, in a much bigger way, in the next episode. We can hardly wait! 

Check out the interesting video recap above and head HERE to watch full episodes of The Royals

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