George Lucas, Stephen Colbert

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George Lucas got playfully snarky with moderator Stephen Colbert at a public Tribeca Film Festival event held in the Star Wars creator's honor.

Speaking about 24 hours after the release of the new teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which he isn't directing or producing, the filmmaker poked fun at the former Colbert Report host's upcoming move to The Late Show. He spoke after an audience member asked Colbert if he considered getting into the filmmaking business himself.

"Oh, he asked me a question about me and I'm here for George," Colbert said. "I do not wish to become a film director, but thank you for asking me that question. I'm flattered you would ask me a question when he's sitting right there," he said, pointing at Lucas, sitting beside him.

Lucas then started interviewing Colbert.

"Now that the world has changed in the way that is has..." he began.

"How has the world changed?" Colbert asked. "Oh, 'cause that changed the world, yes, OK."

"Don't you think the perfect person to replace that Jon Stewart fellow would've been you?" Lucas asked. "And now you're working on late night, where nobody sees you, because nobody stays up until 1 o'clock in the morning. couldn't you just say, 'I'm taking over the crown...'"

"Um, I love it when people say, 'Why aren't you taking over- Why are you going into late night?'" Colbert replied. "I was at 11:30, I'm moving to 11:35. Yes. I'll drink a cup of coffee and stay up five minutes later."

Late night talk shows are typically filmed hours before their air time.

Colbert's hit Comedy Central talk show The Colbert Report ended its 11-season run in December. He is set to make his debut as the new host of The Late Show in September. David Letterman is leaving the series, which airs at 11:35 p.m. and which he has hosted for more than 21 years, in May.

Last month, it was revealed that South African comedian Trevor Noah would replace Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show, following the latter star's departure announcement in February. The series airs before The Colbert Report's former time slot, 11:30 p.m., which is now occupied by The Nightly Show, hosted by Larry Willmore. Noah recently stirred controversy over a series of old tweets many people found offensive. Stewart defended him on the air.

Colbert and Noah are both former Daily Show correspondents.

"Listen, Trevor Noah's a very funny guy," Colbert told Lucas. "I don't want to be the guy to take over for Jon Stewart. I worked for Jon Stewart at that show. My memories will always be of him being the keenest, most intelligent, most deconstructive mind, the clearest thinker I've ever worked with or for."

"I would never, however successful I'd be, get underneath his shadow," he added. "Someone who doesn't know him as well and maybe doesn't love him as much might have a better time on that show than I ever would."

"But you can- you don't have to be under his shadow. You just, you know, he gets down and you start jumping on his body and say, 'I won, I won, I won!'" joked Lucas, waving his arms up. 

"Sure, I'll try that," Colbert said. "Yes."

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