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Having siblings is a total double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have a built-in BFF for life and you never ever get lonely. On the other hand, you never ever get alone time. You always have someone to go to for advice, but you also have the risk of being tattled on at any moment.

The one redeeming factor in the ups-and-downs of sibling life is the fact that you know every other group of siblings in the world is going through the same thing. Unless you're Prince George and the new royal baby. For them, things are different—very different. 

Sure, some parts of life in the royal family will be the same (like fights; there will always be fights), but most of the sibling dynamics we're used to will be drastically altered for George and Little George (or Georgette!). Below, 10 reasons why the soon-to-be sibs won't be your average twosome.

1. They'll never have to share a room. When you split time between a residence in Kensington Palace and a sprawling country mansion in Norfolk, you're not exactly wanting for space. These two might even go days without crossing paths.

2. They will be sharing a nanny, but she just so happens to be one of the most qualified nannies ever (and she was trained a super fancy college known for producing nannies for the rich and famous).

3. The chances of getting hand-me-downs are slim-to-none. But, if the new baby does happen to end up using George's old clothes and toys, it's at least going to be some pretty baller stuff

4. If they want to embarrass each other, the whole world is their stage. Nothing makes a humiliating story or picture sting more than it being heard or seen by millions of people.

5. Forget about that whole younger sibling getting away with everything stereotype—they've got bodyguards, paparazzi and the queen to keep them in line.

6. George won't have to be jealous of the new baby because he's the prince, yo.

7. George will never get in trouble for being too bossy because, again, he's the prince, yo!

8. The new baby might try to copy George's style, but so will everyone else in the world.

9. George will never have to babysit or help out with homework—there's a whole palace staff for that.

10. They'll be the only people in the world who won't want to tag along with the other sibling.

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