How's this for Throwback Thursday?

Tennessee got its own dose of Mad Men when women's health supporters dressed in 1960s garb inspired by the AMC series to protest against an abortion bill that would mandate a 48-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion, as well as force new, medically unnecessary requirements on doctors performing the procedure.

The State Senate recently passed the bill, and on Thursday, the Tennessee House will decide whether or not to approve it.

Some of the signs held by women read messages like, "Don't throw women back this Thursday," and "1950 called, it wants its view on women back."

"I love a good vintage look—but not when it's running the state legislature," Lauren Shuler, of Franklin, Tenn., who attended the protest told Glamour magazine. "That is why we are here to remind these politicians who continue to insist that they should be the ones who decide if and when women can access abortion in Tennessee. These politicians think they know better than a woman and her doctor."

"We're here to say to state legislators who want to turn the clock back to the 1950s: We like watching Mad Men," Francie Hunt, a senior field manager for Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee, said in a released statement. "Women's preventive care—including abortion—is basic health care. Politicians have no business denying women access to this basic health care."

See some of the photos from Twitter below:

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