Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow set out to undergo the Mario Batali Food Bank Challenge, in which she was put to the task of feeding her family on only $31 for the entire week. Unfortunately, the six limes and other green things she bought during her original grocery store outing didn't carry her through the week so she ended up cheating by purchasing:

1. Black Licorice

2. Roasted Chicken

3. Fresh Vegetables...which is vague and could either mean two bell peppers or else entire Parisian Farmer's Market.

Nonetheless, aside from the ingredients she mentioned, there were also other items that somehow went unreported. As you'll see, the other items that she broke down and purchased were equally practical.


4. Van Cleef & Arpels Signature Bracelet. This not only looked stunning on Gwyneth's wrist while she took press calls regarding the challenge, but she also used it as a simple, rose-toned $6,700 napkin ring. 

5. A Vile of a Spring Malaise. Gwyneth wants to make it clear that these cannot be purchased in stores. She has a personal Malaise-crafter and he is not available for freelance.

6. One Simple White Candle. Gwyneth wanted the full experience of being impoverished, so she had the idea of dining by candlelight! According to Gwyneth, "I saw them do it in Les Mis."  Candle available on, $638.

7. A Live Chinchilla. Their fur is the softest in the world, and Gwyneth knew that since this was a week of deprivation, she'd need something that felt luxurious to the touch while she empathized with those less financially fortunate.

8. Aboriginal Carved Emu Egg.  By purchasing the egg, Gwyneth was able to live on very little while simultaneously giving a nod to the artistic community of Australia's indiginous people. She also loves their Fashion Week.

9. A Miniature Bust of Diane von Furstenberg.  Gwyneth snuck this one in at the end, so that she'd have a constant reminder of her own strength. And how we can all be strong. And how we can transform our reality. And how nature is such a big part of that. 

10. A Quote by Rimbaud. Though they usually come without a pricetag, Gwyneth knew she needed one etched into a sterling silver spoon, as a metaphor for the importance of the challenge. Or just as a great garden party gift for a friend.

11. Silk Dryer Sheets She purchased an actual family of silkworms, and sat by coolly as they spun. Though some might render silk dryer sheets useless, they are a constant reminder of nighttime in Arles. 

12. Ostrich-Meat Hot Pockets.  Gwyneth had these shipped in from Senegal.  Then she placed them under her pillow for five minutes at a time, for added neck support.  



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