Hillary Clinton's campaign logo has already been getting some flack from critics.

It's a pretty darn straightforward block letter "H" with a red arrow incorporated into it, but some people think it's too simple, or it looks like a hospital sign, or the arrow is pointing in the wrong direction for a Democratic candidate. Oy.

Because the nitpicking over Hillary's actual logo is comically extreme, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! team wanted to see how people would respond to fake logos they created for her presidential campaign. These weren't just any made-up logos, though...

The first featured a horned, bearded, cigar-smoking devil with the caption, "Give 'em Hill!" Although the slogan itself is kind of catchy, the red-faced caricature was a bit off-putting—even for a politician! One man asked indignantly, "Did she authorize that?"

"Yes," lied the Jimmy Kimmel Live! staffer confuting the interview. "Obviously she's doing it to sort of shock people, to say, 'I'm gonna go viral to get the message out.'"

"Yeah, good idea," said the man sarcastically. "President of the United States playing stupid games with people. I think honestly, from what I've seen in politics, it's all a show...Play the game."

So was this fake Satanic symbol taking things too far? "Yeah," answered the interviewee. "But [Hillary] takes a lot of s--t too far."

Oh, goodness—this election's gonna be a doozy, huh? Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s crew didn't stop with the devil, though...They showed people on the street another fake campaign logo, this one with an "H" in the middle of a cannabis leaf!

One adorably naive young woman noted that it "looks like it's for a grocery store," while another woman said, "I'm all for people smoking weed, but that's scary...Like, she wants to be in charge. We don't want somebody stoned in charge!"

The late-night team saved the best mock logo for last, though—one in which a "W for Win" actually looked more like a star-spangled set of boobs! No screaming sexist over this, though—Jimmy and co. made a phallic-looking logo for Republican hopeful Rand Paul, too! See it all for yourself in the funny clip above.

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