Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


The Real Housewives Beverly Hills ended its most dramatic and sad—yet at times hilarious—season ever with an equally sad third part to the annual reunion.

Sigh. Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, what are we going to do with you? The longtime cast members shouted at each other, cried, threatened to make revelations and yelled some more. There was no resolution for the two sisters and that is just plain sad. The reason for their rift wasn't the only thing (sort of) revealed tonight. Read on for more twists and bombshells!

All the cusses fit to print: Eileen Davidson said she thinks Brandi Glanville has the dirtiest mouth of the group, but it seems Lisa Rinna dropped the most f-bombs this year. Brandi bequeathed her crown. "Thank you. I'll put my crown on my 20-year-old hairdo," Lisa R. said. Lisa said Harry Hamlin has asked her to curse less.

Lisa R. sent some intense text messages to Kim after the finale. These are the texts: "Be very careful or I will f--k you up. You be nice to your sister. You believe her and stop telling lies, in that order. Thanks."

"You need to get wise, Brandi is not telling the truth, she is lying. I should've said that to you in that moment. I didn't want another Amsterdam to happen and it would've."

"Your behavior and the way you treat people is not OK. You are nasty and you need to be stopped now."

Kim said this "frightened" her. And, well, we don't blame her. Lisa R. tearfully apologized for the messages and some of her behavior. Kim accepted her apology, complete with a hug.

420, man: Kyle said pot is not for her, despite Brandi's accusations that she tokes up. The ladies all talked over each other for a while and said they danced around space cake in Amsterdam because they're moms and were on TV. Andy Cohen said he likes pot when Brandi kept talking about Kyle and the drug. So we know that now?

"That's the scary voice right there": Kim and Kyle argued endlessly about Kim's dog Kingsley biting Kyle's daughter. Kim threatened to reveal something else about Kyle or that night or something, we're not exactly sure what because she never said. Bravo whipped out the split-screen as they yelled, pointed and cried at one another. Some of the things said include Kim saying this about Kyle: "You're horrible! This is why I don't like her!" Kim implied there was a secret, but wouldn't say what.

Lisa Vanderpump was the voice of reason: Yes, Lisa Vanderpump really tried to hammer home the most important thing at stake in the Kim and Kyle feud: They are family. She advised the ladies to take a break. "You cannot miss all these life and death situations because you will look back and regret it," Lisa said referring to Monty's failing health and upcoming weddings. "Even if you take a break, put a smile on…you have to do that."

What happens now? "I really don't know," Kim said. Kyle said she couldn't talk about it. Eileen said she thought the experience was epic. Will she be back? "That's a big question, Andy. To be continued," she teased. Lisa R. said she was glad she did the show. "I've learned a lot," she said.

Now the big question: Who's coming back next year?

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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