Hillary Clinton recently announced her presidential campaign, and Jon Stewart was quick to not only mock the former first lady's announcement but also go after the pundits who are against her running.

The Daily Show host began his segment by saying his "tweeter" was all abuzz because of Game of Thrones, Madonna and Drake's steamy makeout session and lastly some "State Farm commercial gone viral." It turns out, however, that it wasn't an insurance ad...it was Clinton's campaign announcement.

"This is boring as s--t," Stewart said of the "State Farm commercial." "I don't understand why this is creating a Twitter 'splosion. What's the big deal?"

He added, "It's ordinary people stuff! Opening doors and changing gravel buckets." But then Bill Clinton's wife shows up!

"I'm running for president," Clinton declared in the video, which didn't seem surprising to the Comedy Central host. "Oh. OK," he responded upon hearing her big news.

Jon Stewart, Hillary Clinton

Desiree Navarro/WireImage/Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

"It's weird they wouldn't let you make your own commercial," he observed. "You had to share your announcement with a guy from a gravel company."

He also made fun of her new campaign strategy, which will focus on "earning" the voters' support by becoming one of the people. Instead of flying around the U.S. while on the campaign trail, Clinton will be driving in her self-dubbed Scooby van.

"That's a refreshing change from her 2008 campaign strategy, 'Shut up I'm talking,'" Stewart joked.

Since announcing her candidacy, Clinton has taken some flack from the GOP. But Stewart, who loves to call out partisan criticisms, noticed this was no different.

"Do Americans really want another 4-8 years with the Clintons and their weird marriage?" one Republican pundit asked. Stewart also showed a clip of NRA Executive VP Wayne LaPierre who went on a rant against Clinton using zealous rhetoric.

Stewart had to call him out, too. "You will rue the day you voted for a center leftish establishment Democrat," Stewart said sarcastically. "Holy s--t. Is there any other trade rep that only speaks in revelation language?"

Watch the clip above to see what else Stewart has to say about Clinton's announcement! 

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