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Demi Lovato is in the best shape of her life—physically, mentally and emotionally—but she didn't do it alone.

The brunette babe took to Instagram to give a special (and sweaty!) shout-out to her personal trainer and his wife for helping her reach a healthier lifestyle and continue on her road to recovery from her past eating disorder.

The collage of photos featured a notebook with Demi's workouts and records written down, motivational messages on the mirror (including a Bible verse) and, of course, a selfie of the singer with her trainer Ronny Comacho.

But the caption was the sweetest part...

Demi Lovato


"For the past 8 months this man has helped me beat my hardest critic: myself. The first day he gave me my meals, that him and his wife cook themselves, he looked me in the eyes and said 'We are going to kick this eating disorder's ass!!!' He was as determined as I was and has been a huge part of my recovery ever since. I've never been happier and healthier and I credit so much of that to this man and his beautiful wife," Lovato wrote. 

"Thank you Ronny & Elise Comacho for staying up so late to cook my meals and getting up so early to help transform my body but most importantly my mind. You both have truly changed my life. Now everyone.. go checkout his website!!!!! (P.S. Every circle on the notebook is a new personal record... Yay!!!) #AustraliaHereICome #AsiaAreYouReady?! #Philippians4:13 #9AMSunday #NOchella (because while others are partying.. You're getting ahead..)"

But there is one other guy she's praised in the past for helping her stay on track, and that's boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

Demi Lovato

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"I almost went back to rehab for my eating disorder last summer," the "Skyscraper" singer told Fitness magazine in December, admitting that it was "difficult" to eat healthy on tour. "I was obsessing over food and terrified of it at the same time. Wilmer noticed and called me out on it, which was a relief."

"I was done being afraid of food and so tired of overeating and not knowing why I did it," she continued, revealing, "Now I'm on a structured meal plan. I eat four small meals and two snacks a day. It's teaching me portion control."

Demi also took to Twitter over the weekend to give followers some fitness inspiration:

Lovato had struggled with body image issues and food addiction for years and has battled bulimia. In 2010, she spent time in rehab, where she was treated "for emotional and physical issues."

In 2012, Lovato told Katie Couric on her ABC talk show, "I remember being 3 years old in a diaper and rubbing my hand over my stomach. I remember thinking in my head, 'I wonder if one day this will ever be flat?'"

She's come a long way since then, and has shared her progress and wisdom from her personal journey with fans.

"Regardless of what society tells you these days...You don't have to have a thigh gap to be beautiful," she once wrote on social media. "It is possible to love your body the way it is. #fitness #health #acceptance #selflove."

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