JK Rowling

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

We like to think of J.K. Rowling as a pretty hip lady. She did create basically the most awesome book series of our time, after all. Plus, she's all over social media doing super cool things like putting slightly homophobic fans in their place and answering lingering Harry Potter questions.

But as it turns out, she may not be quite as with it as we thought—in fact, she just got a little lesson in slang from the youth of America. Any by America, we mean Twitter.

It all started when one of her loyal Twitter followers gave her a shoutout by saying "@jkrowling is what I call a OG."

The author, while seemingly flattered, had absolutely no idea what OG actually means. She decided to reach out for help (and to use a little abbreviation of her own). 

Sensing her need for a little street tutorial, the Twitterverse jumped to her aid and explained what the term means. (Our personal favorite response? "Original Gangster. JK Rowlizzle.") Once she realized that the slang had a truly bad a-- connotation, she was even more flattered.

The whole experience really warmed her to those dang youths. In fact, she was so tickled by the exchange that she felt the need to give another shoutout to all of her hilarious (and helpful) followers. Watch out world, J.K. Rowling is here and she is HIP.

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